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Can you sell ancillaries via mobile? MTT thinks so.
04 May 2011

MTT develops new mobile services to boost ancillary sales.

Dublin-based specialist Mobile Travel Technologies Ltd. (MTT) has introduced M2B Ancillaries, a new set of functionality for its M2B mobile travel platform.

M2B Ancillaries gives airlines and hotels a slick, customer friendly way to offer ancillary services via mobile at several stages throughout the journey. With M2B Ancillaries, suppliers can sell ancillary services during the booking flow, during the check-in flow, while customers are viewing their bookings, and even, where appropriate, as completely stand-alone transactions.

Travel suppliers can also use M2B Ancillaries to push SMS and in-App notifications alerting customers to deals, offers and customer service messages.

MTT has already implemented M2B Ancillaries functionality for clients. Functionality includes:

  • Meals
  • Additional Baggage
  • Seat selection
  • Rail tickets and ground transportation
  • Room upgrades and add-ons
  • In-destination activities (e.g. amusement parks, tours)

Overall ancillary revenues are expected to increase by 50% in the next five years, with up to 18% of travel suppliers revenues coming from the sale of ancillaries by the year 2015. Third-party ancillary sales are set to grow by 30% over the same period, and to account for 2.5% of total travel providers’ revenues, according to a recent Amadeus-Forrester report. Wider industry revenues are expected to grow by just 3% per year over the same period.

“Mobile is a perfect channel for up-selling ancillaries. It’s an always-on connection and it gives you repeated opportunities to offer an ancillary service, and allows you to make the offer when the customer is most likely to need or want to buy,” said Gerry Samuels, Founder and Executive Director of MTT.

The M2B Ancillaries module can be implemented quickly and supports sales via iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and other downloadable Apps as well as via the mobile web.

M2B is a cross-platform mobile suite for the travel industry. Designed to reduce the cost of deploying mobile services across multiple platforms and devices, M2B serves the specific needs of the travel industry and connects directly to reservations systems as well CMS and even regular websites (transcoding). M2B combines a Write Once, Run Anywhere infrastructure with a fine hand-tuning presentation layer so that the user experience capabilities of each device and platform can be leveraged to provide an exceptional mobile experience.


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